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Holdbrook Herd Anglo Nubian Dairy Goats

7 BCC's

AR164 Windsinger Juvela Q*4 BrCh AN32133D

I5 BCC's  & 2 IPCC'stum

BGS Tremedda Selene Challenge Cup 2008

BGS Garrochty Challenge Bowl 2008

BGS Pomeroy Challenge Cup twice in 2007

BGS Egerton Perpetual Challenge Trophy

RM168 Holdbrook Hexspirit Q*4  Br Ch AN031734D

3 CC's and 5 BCC's,

 Fungus Awarded ANBS Willo Scroll for Best Progeny of a Sire ANBS National Breeds Show 2007

SM CH §§163/201 † Holdbrook Fungus BrCh AN031037D

8 Bcc's  1 IPCC

RM136 Windsinger Omayinka Q*6 BrCh AN033812D

Iid, 6 Bcc's 1 CC & 1 IPCC

RM148 Windsinger Calypso Q*5 BrCh AN033213DA

.3CC's,   2 Res CC's  and 6 BCC's

CH §§168/133 Spellborn Knightbird Br Ch AN032505DA

On this page are goats bred by us who have achieved the status of Breed Champion. The one exception is Misty, who being an Upgrade cannot make Breed Champion, but she does have a few awards to her name.

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Holdbrook Herd Roll Of Honour

2 CC's, 5 IPCC's, 12 CM's, 10 Reserve CM's

"Reserve Best in Show" in the National Breed Show 2000 and 2003

BGS Malpas Melba Perpetual Challenge trophy winner 2006

IDam of Excellence   RM201 Stefash Misty Q*2 HB69610D

12 BCC's

BGS Lactation Certificate for highest AN yield 2005BGS Macdonald Challenge Bowl (2004)

ANBS Olchontop Cup (Highest protein at Breed Show) (2004)

RM187 Holdbrook Dimondwyte Q*3 BrCh AN30379D

5 BCC's

BGS Edgerton Perpetual Challenge Trophy (2003)

ANBS Nitram Nubian Award (2003)

Highest Anglo Nubian Milking Points at any Show (2003 & 2004)

RM153 Holdbrook Eddoe Q*3 Br

Ch AN30757D