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Holdbrook Herd Anglo Nubian Dairy Goats

SM § 133/102 Friarlea Ulric AN030803D

§§ 187/201 † Holdbrook Iceman AN031863D

§102/201 Brooks Tydirium BrCh AN033784D

Price per straw £25-£40

Semen Available from our two Sire of Merit Full Champions & many others

BGS Licensed Inseminator with high success rate, see our AI kids page!!!!!!!!

Quality Semen for sale

CH §§ 163/201 † Holdbrook Fungus Br Ch AN031037D

CH §§168/133 Spellborn Knightbird Br Ch AN032505DA

Kinmea Isobar AN032124D


§§201/240 † Holdbrook Klute AN032502DA

§§228/201† Holdbrook Notorious HB075769D

†Ballingall Kassius AN033540D

† Holdbrook Jarrow AN032152DA


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